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If you would like to have your car on our gallery, please send some photos and a short description to an e-mail address: parts@volvofan.eu.
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Volvofan - parts only for VOLVO car

For many years, we're fans of VOLVO cars. We have several Volvo cars. We are really happy to take part in many rallies and meetings of fans of the brand, eg. Gold Polish Club VOLVO or beat the Guinness world record in riding the longest column of VOLVO cars (Katowice 2010.). Every year we took part and sponsored Historic Vehicle Rally "Truskawisko"

As users of Volvos we had problems with the acquisition of parts for our cars. Since 2006, we have stationary and online parts shop for Volvo cars.


We sell new parts for passenger VOLVO cars.

In our offer we have replacements:

- top manufacturers eg. SWAG, LEMFORDER, FEBI CORTECO, MEYLE, SACHS.

- cheaper products for less demanding eg. SCAN-TECH, NORDIC, PPS.

From 2011 onwards we sell more ORIGINAL parts - can select and order any ORIGINAL part. ORIGINAL parts which we sell have a full  VOLVO guarantee.


Parts are selected using special VIDA PARTS software.

Since 2014, we are a direct importer of auto parts from Germany and Sweden.

For our customers from non-EU countries we refund of VAT TAX FREE..


The company is located in Bialystok, Poland st. Hetmańska 36. We work from Monday to Friday from 9.15 AM to 5.00 PM.
We sell parts online in Poland and other European Union countries.

You can always contact us - we will try to help all owners of VOLVO cars.